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Gift Baskets



La Biscotteria's award-winning artist, Angela Buonocore, known for her unique creativity and flair, assembles the specialty baskets by hand, creating ornate flourishes using colorful ribbons, vibrant gift wrapping paper and dazzling ornaments from her native Italy and home locally in the U.S.A.  Come and visit our bakery shop to see Angela's one-of-a-kind beautifully gift wrapped baskets designs and to see her many other exquisite creations on display during the festive holidays. Angela best describes them as, "whimsical artful bouquets, once unwrapped, a fragrant metamorphosis begins, indulging your senses to every last crumb!

Angela welcomes her clients to schedule an appointment with her to discuss unique & personalized custom gifts.  

Want to impress your gift basket recipient?

Don't delay, send a custom gift basket by Angela today!


Gift Baskets according to your budget and needs…

You may add any of our non-perishable products to include into the gift basket by selecting from "SHOP" menu. Please keep in mind that holiday products are available during that season and may be ordered then for your custom gift basket order.  One popular example often requested is when many of Angela's clients include personal products (i.e. jams, wine, cheese, fruit, music CD's, DVD's, and much more.) to be placed into their gift basket theme.                                                 


How can I build a custom gift basket according to my budget and needs?

ANSWER: You may do so by dropping off (at the La Biscotteria bakery shop in Redwood City) your purchased basket of any size or shape (i.e. Michael’s Craft store, Pier One Imports, or Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, etc.) along with your personal detailed instructions (a note addressed to Angela either by e-mail or handwritten/typed note) and enclose it into the basket along with any other items you wish for her to add (i.e. ornamentation, bows, ribbons, products like handmade jam, bottle of wine, cheese, etc.) from La Biscotteria gourmet products in our shop. You may leave these items (drop-off basket, detailed note + products) with any customer service sales associate. Once Angela receives it, the assembly begins as it will be ready for the pick-up date you have requested in your note. If Angela has any questions, please be sure to include your telephone number.

The gift basket will be ready for you on the specified date you would like for it to be picked up. Please keep in mind La Biscotteria’s OPEN store hours by visiting the “Contact Us” page on our website or listening to the updated telephone-recorded message.

*Simple Gift Basket Wrapping Fee: $15 per basket 

  This fee does NOT include basket. You may bring your own. Please drop-off basket with attached note for Angela at the bakery.

*Gift Wrapping + Basket supplied by Angela: $35 per basket

  This includes cellophane wrapping and the La Biscotteria silk ribbon. There is no additional ornamentation (i.e. butterflies, birds, floral, foliage, etc.) used in this selection unless provided by the customer. 

*Extravagant Gift Baskets by Angela: Fees Vary

 Fees for large or extra large, ornately decorated gift baskets vary depending on the complexity of the baskets contents, basket selected, ornamentation and materials used in the themed selection. Angela will be happy to provide you a personal quote during your scheduled consultation appointment.


Whether you are celebrating the holidays, or just recognizing a valued relationship, it can be difficult to decide what the right corporate gift box should include. La Biscotteria’s products are made using only the highest quality ingredients with a meticulous attention to detail. Simply schedule a consultation with Angela by submitting your request via e-mail and she will help you decide on the best selection for everyone on your list.

Angela's hourly rate for large corporate and for private client orders is $75. This does not include product, gift basket, ornamentation and special silk ribbons. A display of her work is available upon e-mail request. Angela strongly suggests placing large gift basket orders six months prior to the Christmas holiday season. It is preferable to start planning in early summer by setting up an appointment with Angela to discuss gift basket details and pick up dates scheduled for December. Remember organization is key; therefore, planning and thinking about your holiday gift orders ahead of time will definitely help expedite this process and cost.  Gift basket shipping & handling is available at an additional charge depending on shipping weight, destination and delivery time. Delivery is also available and cost is determined upon the location and complexity of the delivery gifts. Please keep in mind that there is a $100 fee for any last minute orders taken by Angela. Orders must be placed in the months of JUNE, JULY or AUGUST. Any orders placed after that date will be subject to a $100 fee. Please do not delay or Angela will have to turn you away! 



During the Christmas holiday season, Angela receives a high demand for gift baskets orders. Angela's gift baskets holiday creations (those displayed throughout the bakery) sell out quickly due to exceedingly popular demand. Therefore, it is best that you place your orders before mid August for scheduled gift baskets pick-up in December. Angela will not be available for in person appointment consultation during the month of December as her calendar is completely booked up for that entire month. However, you are welcome to contact Angela via e-mail to see if she may be able to accommodate your special last minute requests.

Remember...NO Orders, NO Baskets!

*Please keep in mind that there will be a $25 gratuity for any last minute gift-wrapping. Last minute walk-in customers who request this on the spot service may not always be accommodated. All gift-wrapping and special requests must be requested by submitting your e-mail to bakery@labiscotteria.com prior to walking into our bakery store as Angela may not be present to assist you.

We apologize if we cannot always accommodate any last minute gift wrapping as we are very busy baking, fulfilling online shipping & wholesale orders, and expediting our long lines of shoppers! Please be considerate of our policy and plan ahead of time, especially prior to walking into our shop and expecting this service to be available for you.  Your last minute wish may not always be granted.



Angela's Gift baskets start at $75 up to skies the limit. 
However, you may build your own according to your budget & needs. 


Personal delivery options are available at an additional cost and is determined upon the location, gift basket size and complexity of the delivery gifts. Angela is happy to provide a quote during your scheduled consultation appointment for local gift basket deliveries in-person. Angela will need to confirm availability (especially during the holiday season) and book her calendar a month in advance in order to accommodate those clients requesting this personalized delivery service. 


Gift basket shipping & handling is available at an additional charge depending on shipping weight, destination and delivery time. Angela will be happy to provide you a personal S&H quote during your scheduled consultation appointment.


Please keep in mind that there is a $100 fee for any last minute orders taken by Angela. Holiday orders must be placed in the months of JUNE, JULY or AUGUST and NO later than SEPTEMBER. Any orders placed after that date will be subject to a $100 fee. Please do not delay or Angela will have to turn you away! 


We only accept cash or checks. No credit cards accepted.


There is a 20% fee for late payments not received from one week of dated invoice.

"The Gift Basket Designer"

Angela is only available by appointment. She is not at the bakery shop during store hours, so it is crucial that you indicate to her in writing when you would like to schedule an appointment with her to discuss your gift basket themes.

Personal consultations are provided for special event favors, corporate orders, client’s custom gift-wrapping & gift basket theme/design planning. You may e-mail Angela directly to discuss future custom gift-wrapping tailored to your desire. Substitutions may be made according to the availability of certain basket materials and ornamentation. Angela makes every effort to duplicate the featured design as in her private portfolio or those occasionally featured at La Biscotteria bakery's shop display.  

Due to Angela's unique artistic interpretation of each basket creation, a catalog cannot speak volume of her work. Most of her gift baskets are one-of-a-kind creations which are never replicated unless requested by her clients. In order to allow her clients to take a sneak peek and also get an idea of her one-of-a-kind creations, Angela will provide images of several gift baskets professionally photographed from her private portfolio.  She has a vast clientele including Silicon Valley's computer high-tech companies, real estate offices, medical offices, law firms, politicians, celebrities and many other private clients.  

Please, serious inquiries only.

E-mail requests to Bakery@LaBiscotteria.com

Due to the numerous requests and high demand for Angela's Artistic Gift Basket Creations, please understand that there are donation limitations and it will be given as a ONE TIME ONLY for the specific organization.
For more detail, please visit Donation Requests and be sure to follow the directions on that page by completing the section underneath "Your Contact Information" and submitting your requests via e-mail correspondence. 

All requests are reviewed and considered. If your donation request is selected, you will receive an email stating so. Please allow four weeks to process your request.

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