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Happy Easter!


Reminder to all....

PLEASE place your orders for our gourmet products when they become available during this holiday season. These products are currently in "Sold Out" mode and will become available for purchase via: online portal system & in our bakery shop store. We ask that you be patient and check this page frequently for updates. Our online purchases for these specialty Easter holiday treats will end once our products are completely sold out! We bake a limited quantity every year so be sure to make your selections & place your prepaid orders ASAP weeks in advance!

Please e-mail us directly at bakery@labiscotteria.com should you have additional questions. Please do not contact us via telephone as we are busy baking for the demand and do not answer calls nor take voice mail messages.

Our delicious PASTIERA is
only available for in-store pick up:
Saturday (6:00am-2:00pm) the day before Easter Sunday. We will be closed on Sunday.

If we decide to bake our famous Easter Specialty Breads, please be aware of the following: Our delicious Buccellato & Colomba traditional Easter breads are only available for in-store pick up as first come first serve. These may be purchased & prepaid online for in store pick up should they be available. Again, e-mail us or check back on this page for posted updates.

Our most popular & customers' favorite "Passion" (Triple P) PANETTONE is not available this year 2024 or until further updates on this page are posted.

 Thank You for your patience and loyal support. 

 Easter time in Italy is a feast for the eyes. Our bakery features gorgeous sweet breads like "la Colomba", delicious sweet bread in the shape of a dove, and "il Buccellato", a sweet anise bread baked with Anise seeds, sweet Marsala wine and fresh grated lemon zest.

Agostino will feature his famous "PASTIERA NAPOLETANA" (Easter Pie), so PLEASE place your prepaid online orders ASAP!
It will be available for pick-up on Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday.
You will need to pay in advance (online) in order for us to reserve your Pastiera. We bake a limited quantity and once their sold, that’s it for the year!
Please keep in mind that we
DO NOT SHIP the Pastiera.
EASTER BREADS will be available only during Easter week as first come first serve should these be baked for this holiday season.
Walk-in customers are welcome to pay for their Pastiera order(s) via our online portal or in person. However, these Easter pies must be picked up during business hours Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday. We are closed on Easter Sunday.

Out of state orders take longer and can take up to a full week to receive shipments.
We ask that our customers place their online order two weeks prior to Easter week as we may anticipate shipping delays with shopping carrier.