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The Baker's Wife

Angela is known far and wide as one of the most creative and super energetic, giving women on the San Francisco Peninsula. She is a loving wife and mother, a successful businesswoman, and a noted supporter of many charitable efforts throughout our wider community. Amazingly, she also finds the time to be a talented artist—using yarn, ribbons and much more—to the delight of all those who know and admire her. 

Every Saturday, you can find Angela serving up joy, friendship and truly delicious hand-made biscotti, cannoli and focaccia to the many loyal customers of our region’s finest Italian bakery, La Biscotteria.

This one-of-a-kind, treasured establishment at 2747 El Camino Real in Redwood City is owned by Angela, and her talented husband, master baker and pastry chef, Augustine Buonocore. While most businesses these days can feel impersonal, at best, entering La Biscotteria feels like stepping back in time… to a time when warm, caring personal service and the highest quality ingredients were simply essential. 

As one customer once said, “When I first walked into La Biscotteria I was a just another stranger, but within minutes, I was happily enjoying yummy free samples, laughter and good cheer in this gem of a store, all thanks to Angela and Augustine. Now La Biscotteria feels like home.” And this customer adds, “Angela and Augustine are two of the most generous people I’ve ever met. When my family decided to help at the Veterans facilities in Palo Alto and Menlo Park, they donated literally hundreds of biscotti to help our hospitalized and homeless veterans.” And the giving continues… as Angela will give us an inside-peek into the world of baking… and will share with us some of their famous, freshly-baked specialties! So get ready for the most authentic Italian biscotti ever; even if you’ve never been to Italy, Angela promises that every sweet, crunchy bite will remind you of the “home country!”

When Angela is not serving up savory and sweet treats and smiles at La Biscotteria, she is very busy raising her two young girls and focused on running her three other successful businesses. Those whom have met Angela, know that she is genuinely passionate about helping others. She enjoys meeting new faces, often networking; sharing her knowledge, wonderful discoveries, her stories and experiences as she empowers men, women & children to use their inner talents and strengths to continue to make a difference in this world.

Angela happily enjoys being in her home. In fact, you'll often find her in her garden (besides the local farmers markets), or you'll find her in her kitchen, creating unique recipes for her cooking/baking class clients. She likes helping others heal themselves back to health using essential oils in her food, which she uses as part of her daily regimen as well as in many of her cooking/baking homemade recipes. Angela invests much of her time reading cooking & medical books, researching in health and nutrition, and sharing her vast knowledge with others. If you should ever run into Angela, you'll most likely end up chatting about food and some kind of health related topic. She doesn't shy away from sharing what she knows, so feel free to pick her brain! Angela will most likely, not only answer your question, but will lead you to the right direction in a snap! She is a health wellness advocate who is passionate about presenting essential oil classes. If you are lucky, you may receive an invitation. And when you do, be sure to attend. It's a class you don't want to miss!

Angela's creative mind is rarely at rest. She oozes with imagination in all the work she creates for her clients. They admire Angela's opulent artistic skills and attention to detail. She loves creating her own line of artisan one-of-a-kind jewelry, bras and knitted fashions. She specializes in knitting beautiful scarves, shawls, purses, handbags, gloves, using colorful yarn she hand-selects in Italy. Angela also designs and makes filigree-like crocheted jewelry, using an old-world traditional Italian technique called “chiacchierino” in Italian or what’s known as “tatting”. And along with cooking, teaching classes, networking and making scarves and jewelry, this creative woman also designs dazzling, custom-made gift-baskets for any occasion. One customer told us that Angela’s baskets are so gorgeous that you almost hate to open them, but then you would miss out on all the unique goodies inside: wonderful handmade items from local artists, along with those addictive, mouth-watering delicacies from La Biscotteria!

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 Fiamma Donna

If you would like to meet with Angela for private consultations (i.e. gift baskets, corporate orders, cooking classes, essential oil classes, etc.), or would like to inquire more info, please contact Angela to schedule an appointment to discuss your personal needs and receive future fun-filled event invitations.

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 Fiamma Donna



Angela (Augustine's Wife) is a creative, energetic wife and mother. She is also a successful businesswoman and a noted supporter of many charitable efforts throughout our wider community.

Angela likes helping others heal themselves through, the use of essential oils, nutrition, mindset and other nurturing tools.  Angela invests much of her time growing food for her family, reading, cooking & medical books, researching health and nutrition, providing massage therapy sessions and sharing her vast knowledge and skills with others in her healing room, a little wellness oasis on her property. She uses essential oils in her food as part of her daily regimen and they add a special something to many of her unique cooking/baking recipes. Along with farming, cooking, teaching classes, networking, and unique knitted fashions and jewelry, she also designs dazzling, custom-made gift baskets for any occasion for La Biscotteria.

For more info visit: Angel Heart Healing

Please schedule an appointment to discuss your personal needs and receive future fun-filled event invitations. 

If you would like to meet with The Baker’s Wife for private consultations or to inquire more info, please get in touch with Angela Buonocore here to Schedule Time To Chat or if you would like to Schedule Massage Therapy Sessions.