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In Italian, biscotto means twice (bis) cooked (cotto). La Biscotteria's biscotti are faithfully baked twice in the historic tradition of Italy. For the first bake, we shape the dough into a flattened log; the log is then sliced into individual cookies and baked again. La Biscotteria's delicious, hand-crafted biscotti are great alone or the perfect dipping companion to a steaming cup of tea or a "tazza di caffe" in the morning or a savored glass of vin santo after the evening meal.  La Biscotteria's biscotti line is baked with essential oils, almonds, and the finest European chocolate, each baked with an appetizing aroma where flavor joins with good nutrition.  Our fruity biscotti line (i.e. Raisin + 8 other dried fruits, Cranberry Hazelnut, and Lemon Verbena & Papaya) feature healthy, high anti-oxidant fruits and nuts, along with a great crunch in every bite.

Our classic biscotti have no preservatives, no trans-fats, no artificial flavors and no GMO ingredients and are all hand-made, twice baked in the old world tradition. Every package is hand-packed with AMORE and every bite will make you scream for "ancora" (more).


Since biscotti are twice baked, our biscotti last up to four months if kept in an airtight container or if kept in its original unopened package.


La Biscotteria Italian bakery does not process peanuts. Our biscotti are not gluten-free and contain dairy.  Please refer to the NLEA's on each Biscotti flavor for more information and ingredients.  Our products are manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts.

A Note about Refunds, Shipping, and Melted Chocolate

We use only the finest European chocolates in our products. This means that during periods of hot weather, melting can occur, particularly if there are postal delivery delays or if the package is left in a hot place. Order with caution or in cool winter months. We do our best to protect the chocolate from melting, but we are not responsible for melted chocolate. If you do find your chocolate has melted, simply place the product in a refrigerator for a few hours and you should be good to go!

NO refund or reship will be offered in the case of melting. We do not offer refunds for broken biscotti and damaged shipments. You will need to contact the shipping carrier to file a claim with them.

Orders cannot be canceled & refunded once orders have been processed and already shipped. There are NO REFUNDS & NO STORE CREDIT for orders that have not been picked up. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PICK UP YOUR ORDERS! THANK YOU.

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Thank you for your interest in La Biscotteria. We strongly believe in supporting our community and those meaningful events that support our bakery's mission in making this world a better place by providing delicious gourmet products for your sweet treat of the day!

A sincere thank you from all of us at La Biscotteria for considering our local family owned bakery in your donation selection. We are not providing donations at this present time. We look forward to your future patronage and extend your support to small businesses like ours as we hope you continue to remember to shop local in your community!