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CANNOLI - Traditional (Large Size)

We begin with a delicately baked cinnamon-flavored crunchy pastry cannoli shell (ours are not chocolate coated inside) filled with a rich blend of ricotta cheese, topped with exotic Italian liquors and garnished with maraschino cherries (halved cherries).

Since our cannoli (filling & shell) are made fresh by order, we recommend eating cannoli the same day purchased so that the shells do not lose their crispy texture. Remember to serve cold and keep refrigerated.

Three cannoli varieties available year round include:

Chocolate Kahlua

Maraschino Cherries (at ends of each cannoli shell),

Chocolate Chip (mini semi-sweet chocolate chips at ends of cannoli shell)

Seasonal variety include:

Pumpkin Cannoli is available only in the month of November by special orders.

Please keep in mind that special orders are highly recommended prior to walking into the bakery shop.

No orders, NO Cannoli.

PLEASE NOTE: We apologize but we are unable to ship these perishable products.