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We have taken this old time popular Neapolitan favorite, a delicate, "clam" shaped multilayer crispy shell filled with moist ricotta cheese and finely diced fruit (orange & citron). Powder sugar is dusted lightly on top once they are pulled out, hot of the oven. A special dessert you will want to treat yourself to all the time. It can be served for breakfast, lunch, or as an after-dinner delicacy.

These pastries are made by special order & are available from Tuesday through Saturday. Orders must be placed a day in advance (not the day of pick-up) by prepaying via our website system. Please do not email or leave any orders via voice message on our phone. Please be sure to indicate your pick up date & time. Our Cannoli & Sfogliatelle pastries are only available in our bakery store to walk-in customers.

PLEASE NOTE: We apologize but we are unable to ship these perishable products.