RAVIOLI Meat (no bread crumbs!)
RAVIOLI Meat (no bread crumbs!) RAVIOLI Meat (no bread crumbs!) RAVIOLI Meat (no bread crumbs!)

RAVIOLI Meat (no bread crumbs!)

There's no need to go out for a fancy dinner when you got this dish at home! Our meat ravioli are filled with fresh parsley, sweet basil, garlic, Swiss chard, parmigiano cheese, VEAL & BEEF. There are NO bread crumbs added to the filling!  

Ravioli are sold frozen-keep frozen until ready to use. 

There are 48 small sized ravioli (approximately 1 lb./box) which serve 2-3 people per box.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a seasonal specialty available IN STORE ONLY for the months of March/April (Easter), November (Thanksgiving), December (Christmas), & January (New Year). We do not ship this product as it may only be picked up in our bakery store.

Ravioli Cooking Instructions:

Bring Pot of water to a boil. Separate frozen ravioli and drop into boiling water. Add salt to water. Cook for 7-10 minutes until tender and drain. Note: fresh pasta takes a much shorter time to cook then store bought, so keep an eye on it!

Need a ravioli sauce recipe? Angela welcomes you to try some of her favorite recipes to compliment La Biscotteria's delicious products baked by her husband & founder, Augustine Buonocore.

Please read "ANGELA'S FLAMING RECIPES" (below) to view all the various sauce recipes to compliment your ravioli selection.

Recommended for our SPINACH & CHEESE RAVIOLI and for our MEAT RAVIOLI

Meat Version Recipe: 

In a separate pan, heat olive oil; then add ground meat in sauce pan. For La Biscotteria's secret flavor add one 8 ounce glass of Pinot Grigio (white) wine or Barbera (red) wine. Let meat brown until wine is absorbed. Then add cooked meat to tomato sauce. Meat amount is approximately 1/2 lb. ground pork or Italian sausage and a 1/2 lb. ground veal, beef, or buffalo (I prefer veal to beef and buffalo meat to beef).  The amount of ground meat used will depend on the amount of guests. Be generous, you can always freeze left overs for later use. Cook until well browned. Then add to tomato sauce pot which has been cooking for 15 minutes. Use the Simple Tomato Sauce Recipe below to continue this meat sauce recipe.

Tomato Sauce Recipe:

In a large pot, begin with generous amount of olive oil to coat the bottom of pot, then add tomato sauce (pureed store bought version is okay or try our Dell'Amore version we sell in our bakery) or fresh chopped tomatoes (use tomatoes attached to vines for best flavored sauce), add fresh basil & garlic (preferable).  Cook for 45 minutes.  (Meat may be added to this sauce recipe).

Poor sauce onto the bowl of ravioli and top them off with generous sprinkled amount of parmigiano cheese.
Don't forget to stir ravioli using only a wooden spoon or ravioli will tear and break!
Serve and enjoy every bite.




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