DERUTA PLATTER - "Melograno" Deruta (Scalloped Edges)

DERUTA PLATTER - "Melograno" Deruta (Scalloped Edges)

This is the most exquisite platter of them all and a favorite pick among many! It's known as the "Melograno" design in all of Deruta, Italy. Very elaborate in detail with beautiful rusty orange hues, golden mustard yellows,blues, greens & turquoise, and hints of subdued reds.

Make sure you use wooden spatula's not metal utensils or the paint may chip. Handle with care whenever in use. Dishwasher not recommended. For best cleaning use a soft simple sponge (non-abrasive side) and liquid dish soap. Rinse in hot water and towel dry.

Dimensions: 16 inches in length by 13 inches in width. 


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