Biscottini al Cioccolato Nocciola

Our chocolate hazelnut biscotti are baked with bittersweet cocoa & semi-sweet liquid chocolate which gives this biscotti version a "brownie-like" appearance. Toasted hazelnuts, hazelnut and orange essential oils are also baked into the biscotti dough. The essential oil is extracted from the rind of the orange and is 100% Natural. Essential oils offer a naturally pure and concentrated flavor.
Our chocolate hazelnut biscotti is baked with bittersweet cocoa powder & semi-sweet melted chocolate. These biscotti are dark chocolate dipped and the chocolate is also baked into the biscotto.

They are hand dipped in a blend of sweet and semi-sweet high cocoa content European dark chocolate made by fine chocolatiers. The velvety texture and rich flavor of dark chocolate complements the toasted hazelnut, hazelnut & orange essential oils which offer a naturally pure and concentrated biscotti flavor.

La Biscotteria bakery fresh cello bags are packed by weight, each bag filled with wonderfully crunchy biscotti.

The Chocolate Hazelnut (not dipped) GRANDE cello bag contain eighteen 9" biscotti

The Chocolate Dipped Chocolate GRANDE cello bag contain twelve 9" biscotti.

It is an ideal individual serving size as a dessert complement served with a cup of coffee or tea. These biscotti GRANDE are usually kept in large glass jars at the check out counters of retail local coffee shops/bars. A great way to be indulged as an afternoon snack!

Our Chocolate Hazelnut biscotti are available in the following packages & biscotti sizes:

3 inch size (8 oz. cello bags),

6 inch size gift box (7.5 - 9.5 oz. gift box),

6 inch size cello bag (10 - 11 oz.), and

9 inch size (16 - 20 oz. GRANDE cello bags).

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