Biscotti all' Anice

Our original almond biscotti recipe flavored and seasoned with Aniseed and Essential Anise Oil. Anise has a distinct, spicy aromatic flavor that aerates in the mouth giving a lifting sensation. La Biscotteria is careful to keep the Anise flavor subtle and delicate so that it truly enhances the other flavors. Anise is considered by many to be the most traditional Italian flavor, however Pimpinella anisum L. it is native to Egypt and Greece and was cultivated in Tuscany in Roman times.

La Biscotteria bakery fresh cello bags are packed by weight, each bag filled with wonderfully crunchy biscotti. Each bag contains eighteen 9" biscotti.

It is an ideal individual serving size as a dessert complement served with a cup of coffee or tea. These biscotti GRANDE are usually kept in large glass jars at the check out counters of retail local coffee shops/bars. A great way to be indulged as an fternoon snack!

Our Anise biscotti are available in the following packages & biscotti sizes:

3 inch size (8 oz. cello bags),

6 inch size gift box (7.5 - 9.5 oz. gift box),

6 inch size cello bag (10 -12 oz.), and

9 inch size (16 - 20 oz. GRANDE cello bags).

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