Thank you for your interest in La Biscotteria. We strongly believe in supporting our community and those meaningful events that support our bakery's mission in making this world a better place by providing delicious gourmet products for your sweet treat of the day!

Due to the large number of donation requests we receive, all requests for donations will now be handled on-line and need to be submitted in writing. Please complete and include all the info requested as listed in the "CONTACT US" section below.


We ask that all gift basket donation requests bring their own basket, including gift basket wrapping materials (i.e. ribbon, fancy ornamentation such as floral, butterflies, birds, etc.), and any non-perishable gourmet products (those not selected from La Biscotteria PRODUCT DONATION REQUEST) suitable for the basket theme. Angela will inspect the gift wrapping materials and will get back to you for approval.

These items need to be dropped off to the bakery shop, enclosed with a letter from the organization requesting and please include a print out of your email sent with the following completed information enclosed as seen below. 

Please give ample time or the donation will not be filled in time.

*Please note that we do not offer nor will Webb e able to provide any type of gift basket donations during our busiest seasonal months: Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas.


La Biscotteria is happy to donate a gift certificate or half (50%) the cost of our complete biscotti product line. For example, if the biscotti in which the organization selects for their event total $150, then the organization pays $75. We do not provide discounts for our remaining baked gourmet product line (i.e. Daily Specialties, Saturday Specials, etc.) available in our Redwood City bakery shop and our online store as these products are for full retail purchase only and no additional discounts will be given.  


Please fill out the following information and we will be happy to consider your request. Thank you for believing in us and using products from La Biscotteria!

Please contact us via E-MAIL and include all the required info below. 

Your Contact Information

First Name:
Last Name
Daytime Phone Number:
Email Address:
Federal Tax ID Number:
Event Information
Street Address:
Zip Code:  
Description of Event:
Date of event:
Pick-up Date:  
How many people will attend this event?:
Is this your first donation request to La Biscotteria?:
How do you intend to use La Biscotteria's donation?:
How will La Biscotteria be acknowledged at your event?:


Please Note:  As much as we would like to fulfill all donation requests, due to the high volume, we are unable to fulfill every donation. However, if your donation request is selected, you will be notified via email. Please allow up to four weeks to process your request.

Please note that we do not provide any donations during our busiest seasonal months: Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas.

A sincere thank you from all of us at La Biscotteria for considering our local family owned bakery in your donation selection. We look forward to your future patronage and extend your support to small businesses like ours as we hope you continue to remember to shop local in your community!