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PANETTONE - Traditional Large (24 oz.)

La Biscotteria panettone is traditional Italian fruity bread, mildly sweet with a sprinkling of juicy raisins and candied fruit, soaked in fine liquors and is available year round. It is served in slices, vertically cut (using a serrated knife), accompanied with hot beverages such as coffee, tea, or sweet wines such as Asti or Moscato or even a tall glass of milk. Toast a slice of panettone to a golden brown, and serve with butter. For those with a sweeter tooth, try it toasted and buttered & then drizzled with honey. When you run out of breakfast ideas, try making panettone as a wonderful warm french toast instead of a bowl of cold cereal! Our panettone is very light & works great for a cake base in many recipes. Search for any bread pudding recipe online then bake this special treat for your guests. Guaranteed, they'll be back for seconds!

Our traditional light version panettone is available year round in 24 oz. size and also in a mini 9 oz. size. We bake a rich & buttery version during the Christmas holidays in a 38 oz. size; this version always comes gift wrapped.

The mini panettone is great for a stocking stuffer or for a gift basket addition. Chocolate chip variations (24 oz. size only) are available in December just in time for the Christmas Holiday and a favorite of many kids & adults. Check under category titled, "CHRISTMAS SPECIALS", to place your orders during that time.