DERUTA BOWL- Classic "Ricco Deruta" (Large)

DERUTA BOWL- Classic "Ricco Deruta" (Large)

This is the classic "Ricco Deruta" pattern found throughout Deruta, Italy.

Ricco Deruta pattern is painted on the outside as well as the inner (as seen on photo) parts of bowl. This bowl may be used to serve salad, pasta, fruit or whatever suites your needs.

Make sure you use wooden spatula's not metal utensils or the paint may chip off the bowl. Handle with care whenever in use. Dishwasher not recommended. For best cleaning use a soft simple sponge (non-abrasive side) and liquid dish soap. Rinse in hot water and towel dry.

Dimensions: diameter (measurement taken from one side of top rim to the opposite side) of bowl measures 12 inches across (wide) by 4 1/2 inches high (deep).


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