Cranberry Hazelnut Biscottini (8 oz.)

Cranberry Hazelnut Biscottini (8 oz.)

A little bit of cranberry tartness and a wonderful hazelnut flavor combination which has become many customers favorite. Try it once and be hooked for life! These are baked with premium dried cranberries and roasted hazelnuts along with natural flavorings.

La Biscotteria bakery fresh cello bags are packed by weight, each bag filled with wonderfully crunchy three inch size biscottini. Each bag contains approximately fifteen to twenty 3" biscottini

It is an ideal individual serving size as a dessert complement served with a cup of coffee or tea. A great way to be enjoyed as an afternoon indulging snack!

Our new cranberry and hazelnut biscotti are available in the following packages & biscotti sizes:

3 inch size (8 oz. cello bags),

6 inch size gift box (7.5-9.5 oz. gift box), and

9 inch size (16-20 oz. GRANDE cello bags).


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